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Employment Opportunities


Counselors (Chemical Dependency Specialists)

1 FT - 40 hrs. week (salaried w/benefits)

1 PT - up to 16 hrs. week, variable
Pay for Performance- per licensure level

(Flexible schedule; some evening work required - schedule subject to change per agency/supervisor need.)


Seeking team oriented individuals for two positions. Direct/indirect service to clients and families. Meet productivity expectations, e.g., billable units on a fiscal basis. Work collaboratively with clients, referral sources, and other treatment providers. Respond to urgent client needs from own or dept. caseloads. This entails: assessments, individual therapy, collateral therapy, group therapy, case management - direct or indirect. Record clinical documentation, individual service and treatment plans, progress notes; status reports; assessments. Perform computer data entry. Participate in individual supervision , group supervision, peer review activities, team meetings, quality assurance meetings. Timely and accurately complete all agency required documentation, time reports, and/or leave forms, as applicable. Minimal travel. Case consultation with other therapists, telephone contacts, written reports, education and prevention services which are non-billable. Regular attendance and adherence to work schedule.

Must know and adhere to the ethical standards of the certifying Chemical Dependency Board of Ohio, must have general understanding of DSM diagnostic system. Under supervision will have the ability to formulate accurate diagnostic impressions. Obtain all agency and supervisor required trainings.


MINIMUM: Masters degree in a behavioral healthcare field such as social work, counseling, psychology, human services required. Minimum licensure of an Ohio LICDC required; or an Ohio LCDC w/LSW required; or Ohio PC licensure with a scope of practice of substance abuse/addiction required.
Experience in the fields of substance abuse/mental health preferred. Skills in written and verbal communication; assessment; planning; organization, interpersonal skills and teamwork. Ability to perform computer data entry required and knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word) preferred. Subject to criminal background, drug screen, and DMV clearance checks.


Send resume with cover letter to ; or to HR Fax (330) 420-9954, or mail to HR Coordinator, CCMHC, Attn: Chem Depend. Spec. FT or PT, P.O. Box 429, Lisbon, Ohio 44432, by 10/2/15 or until position filled. E.O.E.

Columbiana County Mental Health Clinic

CPST - TIP Facilitator (Transition to Independence) FT, Grant Funded


Conduct strength-based needs assessments related to the transition domains as specified in the TIP System Development and Operations Manual. Serve as a facilitator for the client’s person-centered planning and his/her Individualized Transition Plan (ITP) team. Monitor and coach up to 15 older youth and young adults as they progress through levels of service need; active status, maintenance status, and follow-along status. Work collaboratively with the teachers and school guidance counselors in developing a personal plan with each student. Develop crisis back-up support plans for those students who require such. Collaborate with other service practitioners and educators from children’s mental health, education, adult mental health, children’s services and rehabilitation needed to ensure appropriate services for a student. Conduct or arrange the provision of necessary services and supports for each student in accordance with the person-centered ITP plan. Promote the involvement of parents and other natural and community supports in planning necessary services and supports for each student. Interface with adult mental health services coordinators to ensure continuity of age-appropriate services for students as they approach 18 years of age and older. Identify obstacles to living independently, obtaining employment, obtaining post secondary education, and in developing supportive social and recreational activities. Develop strategies to overcome these barriers. Assume responsibility for and/or direct the implementation of strategies developed to assist students in overcoming these types of obstacles. Collaborate with relevant public and private agencies to achieve the implementation of these strategies. Develop interagency and community network relationships which improve access to relevant community services and benefits. Refer clients to appropriate clinical, medical and behavioral specialists. Chart and record services rendered in accordance with agency standards. Assist assigned clients in acquiring access to community settings and resources (e.g. employment housing social security benefits). Maintain transition records on each student. Collect and record data relative to the progress of assigned clients across their goals during each of the active, maintenance and follow along statuses. Attend team/staff meetings, participate in supervision travel, and training. Complete all required documentation. Work flexible schedule, which may include evenings and weekends.


MINIMUM: Bachelor’s degree in field of social science, rehabilitation, and/or educational (e.g. social, work, psychology, counseling, special education) and minimum of four years direct service experience working in social service, educational, juvenile justice, and/or mental health settings in which counseling, training, therapy, and/or guidance was provided to children, adolescents, young adults, and/or their families.
PREFERRED: Master’s degree in the field(s) of social sciences, rehabilitation, and/or education and at least one year of direct service experience. Active Ohio licensure in related field. Preference for individuals with experience in: 1) working with adolescents, and young adults with emotional and/or behavioral difficulties, 2) preparing these individuals for living independently, obtaining employment, or functioning in the community more effectively; and/or 3) conducting home-based, school-based, or field-based service delivery. Excellent skills in written and verbal communications, assessment, planning, coordination, organization, mediation, and interpersonal; ability to collaborate with and work with in- and out-of-agency staff, the general public and maintain a professional and calm demeanor. Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word) preferred and ability to perform computer data entry required. Subject to criminal background, DMV, drug screen clearances, and all agency driving/vehicle requirements.


Submit a cover letter, current resume to HR Coordinator, CCMHC, Attn: T-Facilitator, to: , to HR Fax (330) 420-9954, or to P.O. Box 429, Lisbon, Ohio, 44432, by 7/10/15, or until position filled. E.O.E.



The Counseling Center of Columbiana County
East Liverpool Branch Office
15613 Pineview Drive, Suite A
East Liverpool, Ohio
Phone: 330-386-9004
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The Counseling Center of Columbiana County
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