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The Counseling Center of Columbiana County

Do you feel trapped, like there’s nowhere to turn?
Do you feel like you can’t do it alone?
Is the way you feel affecting your sleep, your eating habits, your job, your relationships, your everyday life?
Do you need help finding the answers?

We’re Here to Help!

The Columbiana County Counseling Center cares about people. We believe that by giving you the tools to help yourself, you can function correctly and positively affect those around you on a daily basis!

How We Can Help

Where Do you Begin?

Our Services

From week to week, day to day, hour to hour, moment to moment, life can change for both adults and children. Knowing how to handle those changes is one of life’s biggest challenges. An even bigger challenge is knowing who to turn to when you find you can’t handle it! That’s our job!

Our services are designed to address each concern or problem through individual attention under conditions that assure your safety, comfort and confidentiality.

The First Step is Understanding

  • Depression?
  • Anxiety?
  • Anger?
  • Behavioral Problems?
  • Parenting Difficulties?
  • Stress?
  • Domestic Violence?
  • Substance Abuse?
  • Loss or Grief?

The Counseling Center can also help you get connected in many other ways including: Vocational Services, Housing Services, Emergency Services, Parenting Help, Psychiatric Treatment, and more.


Making the First Contact
Most people make first contact with the Center by telephone. Their calls are directed to the Screening Department, and the caller will often hear a message explaining the process and asking the caller to leave his or her name, a phone number where they can be reached, and if it is okay for the screener to leave a message with someone else or on a machine.

One of our screeners will then contact the individual. They will gather background information, assess the problem, and determine which services may be appropriate. At this screening, fees and insurance coverage may also be discussed.

Information the Screener May Request

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Birth Date
  • Social Security Number
  • A Brief Summary of the Problem or Need
  • Insurance Information
  • Household Income and Number of Persons in the Household (This is to determine the amount of fee, if any, the individual will be responsible for.)

What Happens Next?
After this initial discussion, an appointment is scheduled to meet the caller’s needs (for example, counseling, a group program, vocational services, housing, etc. In some cases, we may not be able to provide the help being requested. In this event, the screener or other staff member will help the caller to contact other local available resources.


We’re Committed To Getting YOU on the Right Path!”
The Counseling Center provides help to all ages through a variety of programs and services. We will work with YOU to determine what best suits your needs!

View the general list of services below, and click on each for an in-depth descriptions of what our programs cover and who you can contact to speed you on your way to recovery.

  • Children and Family Services
  • Adult Services
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Residential Services
  • Employment/Vocational Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Forensic Services
  • Behavioral Health Education