Adult Services

Job, home, financial burdens, relationships, children, friends, physical and emotional needs - Keeping up with life's responsibilities is a constant juggling act!

When you need assistance, we can help.

Our adult programming serves individuals who are 18 years of age or older and their families.

Adult Counseling & Psychotherapy:

Adult Counseling and Psychotherapy Services focus on a face-face basis to provide high quality outpatient services in an efficient manner to individuals experiencing mental health difficulties.

Understanding that work is goal oriented, we are committed to a treatment philosophy that prepares individuals to take constructive action to help themselves. This preparation begins at the onset of services by assisting each individual to identify problems and potential solutions. As a part of that process, a therapeutic alliance is formed between the individual and the services provider to actively work on specific problems.

Diagnostic Assessment:

Diagnostic Assessment involves an in-depth look at one’s mental health, providing answers to a variety of questions. This 1-2 hour comprehensive assessment determines what, if any, psychiatric symptoms/illnesses or personal difficulties exist for the consumer.

Diagnostic Assessment includes consideration of:

Referral Source
Clarification of presenting symptoms
Family and social/cultural background
Spiritual/values orientation
Educational/vocational background
Legal/criminal background
Medical/psychological background
Substance use/abuse background
Sexual orientation; sexual difficulties
Mental status
Specialized medical, psychological, and/or psychiatric evaluations as warranted

Community Support:

The goal of Community Support Services is to provide rehabilitation, environmental support and targeted community support activities. These activities are considered essential to assist the person served in gaining access to necessary services for maximum reduction of symptoms of psychiatric illness to restore the person served to the best possible functional level.

Community Support Services include, but are not limited to:

Performance of necessary evaluations and assessments to identify barriers that impede the development of skills necessary for appropriate functioning in the community.

Participation in the development of the person’s Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Providing assistance and support in crisis situations involving the person served.

Providing support,education and consultation for the family/significant others.

Individual intervention to develop the person’s interpersonal and community coping skills.

Symptom monitoring and teaching self-management of symptoms to identify and minimize the negative effects of medication/somatic symptoms.

Assisting the individual in increasing social support skills and networks.

Coordination of and access to necessary evaluations and assessments, both within the Center and in the community.

Coordination of services identified in the Individual Service Plan.

Assistance in gaining access to essential community resources.

Necessary monitoring and follow-up to determine if services accessed have adequately met the consumer’s needs and to determine needed follow-up activity.

Jail Diversion / Outreach:

The goal of the Jail Diversion Program is to reduce the number of jail days for persons who have severe and persistent mental illness, and who may also suffer from substance abuse problems.

The services are provided in conjunction with the overall treatment plan developed by the person and their case manager with specific requirements of the court or the person’s probation officer.