Behavioral Health Education

Education is one of the number one priorities in the United States. Every day news relates successes and failures in local school districts, as well as dollars spent to reform education. Education affects everyone! The goal of the Behavioral Health Education Services is to provide education to the public regarding all aspects of mental health including mental health needs, problems and services.

The benefits of this kind of educational training are:

Lessening the stigma related to mental illness
Encouraging individuals to seek treatment as needed
Encouraging the public to adopt better mental health habits

Behavioral Health Education Services are provided to individuals and/or groups needing additional knowledge about behavioral health and related issues/services. Target audiences are identified partly through input from mental health service provides and may include local schools and organizations. Consumers and their families/significant others may also be involved in the planning, the implementation, and the measuring the effectiveness of the services provided.

Behavioral Health Education is provided by:

Utilizing media to educate the community and reduce the stigma toward persons who receive mental health and substance abuse services. The Counseling Center has used commercials, billboards, newspapers, local radio talk show forums, and television to provide information about mental health and substance abuse, and to inform the community of Center services and programs.

Informational flyers/leaflets regarding a wide variety of mental health and substance abuse related issues are available free to the public.