Employment Services

The goal of Employment Services is to help you find a job. You'll learn to communicate your positive attributes to employers and receive support while job searching. Most importantly, you and the Employment Team will work together to make sure you are ready for your first day of employment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long does it take to find a job?
A. This varies depending on the labor market you are interested in. The more active you are in your search, the faster a job can be found.

Q. How will I get to work?
A. You and your Employment Specialist will work together to solve transportation issues, utilizing CARTS, natural supports and community supports.

Q. How long does job coaching last?
A. The job coaching process varies to meet your needs and the needs of your employer.

Q. Can I still receive my SSDI/SSI check while I am working?
A. Our Benefits Specialist will help you answer that question by explaining work incentives offered by the SSA.

Job Placement:

Job Placement Services are designed to assist people with barriers to competitive employment to choose, obtain and keep jobs that reflect their interests, abilities and needs. We advocate the place/train model which is a rapid placement approach. This approach helps maintain high levels of motivation during the search process.

Job Coaching:

Job Coaching is a training partnership between job seeker, employer, and Employment Specialist that begins at the start of employment. Employee and coach will individualize the training. The coach will help provide the type of support or training that is needed for the employee to succeed on the job.

Benefits Counseling:

Benefits Counseling is a tool to help individuals who are apprehensive about working and keeping their benefits. Our Benefits Specialist provides services for individuals receiving SSDI, SSI, and other assistance, who are concerned about the impact of work on their benefits. A report is developed and reviewed with the employee stating how working will impact their benefits. The Benefits Specialist or Employment Specialist will also be glad to assist in reporting their earnings to benefit agencies.

Community Based Situational Assessment:

The Community Based Situational Assessment program option is available for individuals needing the combination of work exposure and formal assessment to identify the employment goals and barriers. The CBSA is a time limited work experience involving paid employment at an integrated, community employment site with the assistance of a Job Coach. The job seeker works an average of 20 hours a week for up to 4 weeks.

Job Shadowing:

Job Shadowing is for people with limited work experience. The intent of job shadowing is to provide the job seeker with an understanding regarding the importance of the position and its role within the organization and ultimately to help the individual make an informed choice concerning employment.

The Employment Services Program also provides complete follow up, which assists the employee and the employer in maintaining a satisfactory relationship.

For More information on any of these services, please contact:

Betty Larkins
Employment Services Coordinator
330-424-9573, Ext. 349