Where Do You Begin?

Making the First Contact

Most people make first contact with the Center by telephone. Their calls are directed to the Screening Department, and the caller will often hear a message explaining the process and asking the caller to leave his or her name, a phone number where they can be reached, and if it is okay for the screener to leave a message with someone else or on a machine.

One of our screeners will then contact the individual. They will gather background information, assess the problem, and determine which services may be appropriate. At this screening, fees and insurance coverage may also be discussed.

Information the Screener May Request

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Birth Date
  • Social Security Number
  • A Brief Summary of the Problem or Need
  • Insurance Information
  • Household Income and Number of Persons in the Household (This is to determine the amount of fee, if any, the individual will be responsible for)

What Happens Next?

After this initial discussion, an appointment is scheduled to meet the caller’s needs (for example, counseling, a group program, vocational services, housing, etc. In some cases, we may not be able to provide the help being requested. In this event, the screener or other staff member will help the caller to contact other local available resources.

Will Anyone Know What I Talk About With My Counselor?

We take your privacy very seriously. By law, we are required to keep any information about you or your treatment confidential. The only way we are permitted to release information about you is if you personally approve it in writing. The only exceptions to this policy are when child abuse or neglect are suspected, when the court orders a release of information, or when a client threatens harm to self or others and we feel an obligation to protect the client or the community. To view our complete privacy policy, please click the link below.