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Psychiatric Services

In order for persons dealing with mental health needsto function at their maximum capacity, and often to reduce the symptoms thatthey may be experiencing, medical intervention (including prescriptionmedication) may be recommendedand provided for the client.

Who can be helped by this service?

Adults, children and adolescents who have a diagnosis which requires psychiatric intervention.

This service constitutes medical treatment which can include the provision, prescription,or supervision of psychotropic medication or medication required in outpatient treatment of substance abuse addiction.

Psychiatric treatment is offered in addition to mental health counseling/psychotherapy services where a need is clearly indicated for medical assistance in achieving the goals of an individual client.

Education is available to family members and significant others regarding diagnoses and symptoms,medications, risks and benefits, as well as alternatives.

Nursing services are provided to adults with S.M.D. in their homes when in-home education and medication monitoring are required. The duration and frequency of services vary based upon individual need.