Residential Services

Residential Support Services are designed to assist individuals who are 18 years of age or older and who have a severe mental disability, are dually diagnosed as substance abuse/mentally ill, or are mentally ill and homeless. Residential Support Services are also provided to families with children who have severe emotional disturbances. The goal of the service is to assist these individuals in locating and obtaining safe, decent, and affordable housing in the Columbiana County area.

Housing Assistance Program:

A two-hour intake to determine a client’s usage patterns and to develop a treatment plan for the client to obtain proper drug and alcohol treatment.

Individual Sessions:

The Housing Assistance Program (HAP) provides temporary transitional rental assistance for up to 30 months for persons who are homeless. Subsidy can be provided for up to 30 months until more permanent housing can be secured by the participant. Assistance to the homeless individuals is also provided for household start-up and furniture and in some circumstances for security deposits, utility payments, and moving where other resources are not available. A loan agreement is secured for any start-up that is provided, and individuals make monthly payments of $10 or more until the loan is paid off.

The Bryce W. Kendall Home:

The Bryce W. Kendall Home provides services to persons with mental health problems who:

      •Are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. Priority is given to persons with severe mental illness.

      •Are homeless and need to acquire skills and access resources to achieve and maintain independent living.

      •Are homeless and experiencing a psychiatric crisis which may be alleviated at the Kendall Home

The goal of the Kendall Home is to provide a stable living environment where support and treatment services can begin, while the individual is being assisted in accessing and securing permanent housing.

The Kendall Home is staffed 24 hours a day, and the level of support provided to persons in the Kendall Home is dependent on individual needs.

Apple Grove Homes, Inc.:

Apple Grove Homes is a 30-unit apartment complex for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Preference is given for homeless individuals, but it is not mandatory for admittance.

Each of the Apple Grove buildings has five one-bedroom apartments with a kitchen, bath, and living room/dining room combination.

An on-site community building provides an indoor recreation area, and ample outdoor space is also available for recreational programs. Community support services are provided to individuals by The Counseling Center.

The Hornsby House:

The Hornsby House, which welcomed its first tenant in March, 2016 – with an Open House Ceremony for the public on June 21, 2016 – is a 10-unit permanent supportive housing project serving homeless individuals (males and/or females) 18 years of age or older at or below 50% of median income who are living with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) including those with co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Priority is given to the chronically homeless and those individuals who have demonstrated an inability to live in the community successfully. Eight units are located in Lisbon, Ohio and two units are located in East Liverpool. The East Liverpool units were part of the construction phase only.

Hornsby House includes the 8 of the 10 one-bedroom units in Lisbon, Ohio only. The units are totally furnished with 24/7 on-site staff and close to many amenities within walking distance. A Laundry Room and Community Room are available on site for use by the tenants. Tenants pay 30% of their adjusted gross income towards their portion of the rent less an allowance for their electric, and Project Based Rental Assistance provided by the local Metropolitan Housing Authority provides the remaining portion of the $410 contract rent.

The remaining 2 units located in East Liverpool, Ohio were built in conjunction with the construction phase to replace 2 older units. The previous units are part of a Continuum of Care permanent supportive housing program grant funded in 1992. The duplex includes 2 one-bedroom units that are also totally furnished with laundry facilities and are located within walking distance of the downtown area. Utilities are provided by the owner/manager, and the tenants pay 30% of their adjusted gross income as their portion of the rent. Project Based Rental Assistance is also provided for the units.

Hand-In-Hand Outreach Program:

The Hand-in-Hand Program is an outreach service for individuals who are homeless, who have severe mental disabilities and are homeless, or who are  diagnosed as both substance abuse/mentally ill and are homeless, and who are not currently engaged in individualized mental health services.

The goal of the Hand-In-Hand Outreach Program is to locate and create access to services for persons in Columbiana County who are homeless and mentally ill.

The Hand-in-Hand Outreach Programs provides the following services:

Assessment, which is done in the community at the location of the person who may be in need of services.

Aggressive Outreach in working with the individual to link him or her with services needed within The Counseling Center or the community.

Peer Support assistance is provided by persons who have dealt with the problems of mental illness. Assistance is provided by mental health professionals and peer supporters,in building trust, assessing needs, and linking to assistance.

Educational programming to aid persons in the community in identifying persons who are homeless and mentally ill; to reduce stigma; and to increase resources for persons who are homeless and mentally ill.

Networking with other social service agencies, civic, and church groups to combine resources for the targeted population.

Develop stable living environments enabling treatment and supportive services to be provided.

Transitional Youth Housing Program:

The Transitional Youth Housing Program assists individuals who suffer from mental illness who are working towards gaining independent living. The individuals in this program must be between the ages of 17 and 23. Persons referred to this program will be assisted with rental subsidy for a period of up to 24 months.

Adult & Youth Mentor Program:

The Adult and Young Adult Mentor Program provide permanent housing for homeless individuals who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness. Permanent rental subsidy based on 30% of the individual’s income is provided in scattered site apartments. Adults referred to this program must be 18 years of age, and youth referred must be between the ages of 18 and 23.

Mentors assigned to individuals in the program provide one on one assistance to help individuals gain independent living skills and work towards goals of employment or self-sufficiency.

Shelter + Care:

This program is a grant from HUD administered by The Public Housing Authority with The Counseling Center as co-recipient. The grant provides permanent supportive housing through section 8 housing vouchers for persons who are homeless and have severe and persistent mental illness with or without a co-occurring substance abuse problem.

The Counseling Center provides supportive services to participants in the program as their responsibility as co-recipient.

Housing is provided in scattered site apartments throughout the County, and individuals pay 30% of their adjusted gross income for rent and utilities as their portion of the total rent. The Housing Authority pays the remainder of the rent on behalf of the participant.