Vision, Mission and Values


We envision The Counseling Center as the preeminent behavioral health provider in Columbiana County, positively impacting lives through elimination of stigma, promotion of mental health and addiction treatment parity, and provision of excellent, comprehensive, and integrated care. 


It is our Mission to improve the lives of individuals and families by meeting the behavioral health needs of our community.  We accomplish this through:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Continuous performance improvement
  • Recovery-focused care that is comprehensive, effective, and affordable

Values & Guiding Principles

We Value Our Clients

  • Professional Ethics:  We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards of our disciplines, including the demonstration of compassion and respect for our clients. We are compliant with all regulatory standards and laws.  We act to avoid or minimize conflicts of interest and to prevent fraud at all levels of service – board, clinical, staff, and contractual.     
  • Best Practices:  We strive to provide services that are accessible, affordable, high quality, culturally relevant, and outcome-based; we utilize diverse therapeutic approaches and the evidence-based, best practices of our professions; services which are based on the strengths, needs and involvement of our clients and their families, including sensitivity to cultural diversity.  We emphasize early intervention. We believe that the greater the client dysfunction, the greater the need to wrap services around the client.   
  • Recovery:  Our values of self-direction, client empowerment, community-based treatment, least restrictive care, and the “Recovery Philosophy” drive our development of services.  
  • Advocacy:  We work in partnership with clients, family members, and other community resources for the elimination of stigma and the expectation of recovery for all; we have an obligation to advocate on behalf of public need for behavioral services and to ensure that responsiveness to client need, effective outcomes, and customer satisfaction are priorities.  
  • Best Service Value:  In our approach to appropriate and effective management of care, we strive to strike the optimal balance between access, quality and cost.  
  • Serving the Most In Need:  We are responsible to effectively serve the most disabled and vulnerable children and adults who require behavioral services.  
  • Staying Current in Our Knowledge Base:  In our endeavor to provide excellent care, we stay abreast of national, state, and local trends.  As a learning organization, we are committed to developing and improving core clinical, administrative and fiscal competencies and to continuous quality improvement.  
  • Fiscal Responsibility:  We strive to develop and maintain balanced budgets, clean audits, strong internal controls, reasonable financial reserves, and act to maximize all funding sources, continually seeking new, innovative, and replenishing funding streams to support our mission.   
  • Fostering Multiple Supportive and Ancillary Services:   We provide comprehensive services that not only entail traditional counseling and psychiatric modalities, but also include crisis intervention, supported employment, housing, jail, school, and other related services.        

We Value Our Community

We are good neighbors and good community citizens, and, whenever possible, strive to utilize local services and resources. We value partnerships and collaboration with community resources, agencies and governmental entities, especially in the pursuit of seamlessness across levels of care for our clients.  We offer programs which afford community residents opportunities to enhance their life skills and emotional well being. 

We Value Our Staff

We actively promote a safe, professional, and nondiscriminatory work environment and ensure that staff are appropriately trained and supported in their responsibilities.  We offer an equitable, fiscally responsible compensation and benefits package.  We foster a staff culture of individual accountability, encouraging staff to present ideas for more efficient and effective operation as we strive for continuous improvement.   We value diversity in our workforce, teamwork, and open lines of communication between management and staff and between departments and work areas.